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Divorce - Custody

Divorce – Custody

Watch this short video featuring my client in Snohomish County. It is a divorce case where my client (Dad) got the children. Where Are The Children Going to Live? How much time the children spend with Mom, and how much with Dad, is many times the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision in a divorce. Parenting is a zero sum game: every day little Joey spends with Dad, is a day he does not spend with Mom. The parenting plan – and the number of overnights – drives child support and, to some extent, maintenance. It drives who gets the house, frequently. It drives whether or not the mother (almost always the mother) gets to move the children, if she wants to move, now or five years down the road. It is a complex and profound decision, and there is no formula. It used to be simple. When I started in 1995, most of the time, the children lived with Mom, and saw Dad every other weekend. That has changed over time: nowadays, I am seeing more and more true 50/50 parenting plans, both in court fights, and in agreed divorces. The culture is changing. More and more fathers are involved with their children; more ...
Asset and Spousal Support Fight

Asset and Spousal Support Fight

Are you struggling with a spousal support fight? Click here to hear about my client's experience. This is a case I took on just before it headed to trial. The husband wanted to pay minimal maintenance and only half of the estate; a spousal support fight. We took it to trial and won 65% of the estate, as well as maintenance to my client for several years. Click here to learn more about me, Jon Hansen, and what I can do for you. Would you like to learn more? Maintenance in Washington: Are you getting spousal support? Are you fighting it? Are you entitled to it? How can you tell? What is maintenance?  Maintenance is where the court orders one spouse (usually, though not always, the husband) to pay part of their income to the other spouse. This used to be called “alimony“. How much one spouse pays, and how long they pay it, is the key question. That varies from case to case, and judge to judge, but there are several general factors in whether you may pay it. (Or get it!) There are several different reasons for maintenance: compensatory, rehabilitative, etc. In my experience, it doesn’t matter a lot what ...

Success Stories

Jon did a good job for me, and I recommend him to anyone who needs help in a divorce case.

First, I was up against a team of pretty unscrupulous attorneys who made it clear they would do anything to hurt me. There was nothing they would not encourage my ex-wife to say against me, no lie they would not make up. Their goal was to manipulate the family law system intimidate me into backing down, and to make their client believe they were doing something productive for where when they weren’t. It was disgusting. Jon is not this kind of attorney. Jon helped me to construct a story that was simple, clear, and true, and we stuck to that story throughout the case. We were dealing with bullies, but Jon was never distracted from what we were trying to accomplish, and we never changed our story-we never needed to . Jon never let my case deteriorate into the kind of name-calling, mud-slinging nightmare that the other side clearly wanted to have. He has experience, he knows what impresses judges and what doesn’t and he knows how the system works.

One thing that impresses judges, in my experience at least, is the clear and simple truth. Another is following the rules, Jon knows how and when things need to be filed, how many pages you have to say your say, and how the statutes are interpreted. I saw others sent home by judges and commissioners because of process errors like failure to properly serve, failure to file something with the court on time, etc. In one hearing, one of my wife’s attorneys was told flatly by a commissioner, no, you’re wrong, that’s not what the stature says, that’s not what it means. Do you want to pay your lawyer to be spanked like that by a commissioner? Jon’s experienced. He’s done it before, and you won’t be paying him to learn his business.

Lawyers are expensive. Jon’s expensive. You don’t want your money wasted. When I sat in Jon’s office for an hour, I left feeling we’d got a lot done in that time. Jon worked hard for me. He always showed up to court on time, and he knew what to do to get up to the line so we wouldn’t be sitting there all day. He does his job well, and though my divorce was one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to go through, I enjoyed working with him.

Paul B (Seattle, WA)


Dear Jon:

Thank you for riding this roller coaster with me. It has been a long three years letting me lean on you. I think about the first time we met: I recall I was in significant pain and had to use that ugly darn cane. There have been so my conflicting emotions, thoughts, and frustrations then and throughout, this ordeal. No sane person wants to be involved in an accident of any kind and certainly do not want for another to be injured or for ones self to suffer an injury. I never wanted to be in such a situation and I definitely never wanted to have to pursue another legal case again in my life. However, it happened.

I am so grateful that you accepted my case and that you accepted me as a client to represent. I cannot think of a better fit. You allowed me to keep living my life and move through this long recovery without having to deal with the evil Weicks in the world, chuckle. You let me help with my case to the best of my understanding and ability. You let me be who I am. You were encouragement without false hope. You were always “there” and “here” when I had a question or concern and you kept me informed without being obnoxious. I appreciate your style and the personal access your provided. You were always prompt to return calls or emails. You are always professional yet personable. Jon, I wish you continued success. I recommend you readily and happily.
Than you very much Jon.

Vicky Helmer (Renton, WA)


I came to Mr. Hansen (he goes by Jon) when I filed for divorce from my wife. We had a really nasty divorce; she fought me over custody of our son, when I took him away from her. The main argument was over custody, though she fought over everything – even things that didn’t make any sense. It was very painful; she made a lot of claims that were complete lies, and we went through a lot of pain to prove them.

My wife went through two attorneys, and the case took over a year. Jon’s advice was always right on. Looking back on it, he was smart in knowing when to fight, and when not to fight about things. Our strategy in the case worked, though we had to take it all the way through trial. In the end, we won almost everything.

The judge in Kent – took part of my wife’s visitation away and also ordered her to pay almost $20,000 of my attorney fees. I’ll never see it, but was nice to win it.

Jon was always there, I think he must work 7 days a week. The case really worked out well: I have custody, and my ex-wife now only have every other weekend, Friday evening to Saturday evening. Jon’s fees are average, and I feel today, it was worth it. I have my son now, and feel Jon did a thorough job, as I never heard the judge say, or imply anything other than a good job. I even heard a judge say he was an experienced attorney, and that gave me confidence.

I would strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a sharp, fast-moving attorney. I will probably in the future ask advice from him because I feel confident in his ability and experience.

James Hall (Federal Way, WA)


I would like to fully recommend Mr. Jonathan Hansen for any custody disputes. I am 44 years old, and have enlisted the services of at least 12 different attorneys’ in my lifetime.
Mr. Hansen and only one other were honest people.

I filed a restraining order against my ex-wife for physically abusing our child, and then filed for full custody. Even though I had a long track record of complaints against her, it really came down to “He said, she said”.

We won, and the plan was modified from less to 30% residential time on my part to I just figured out 51% in my favor. We accomplished this by doing every perfect, strictly by the book. When the opposing council tried to get us mad, shake us up, Hansen said “Ignore it”. In the beginning I didn’t have confidence in him, because of a seemingly emotional indifference to my plight. I have since learned that it is one of his greatest assets, he must thing like the judges and family councilors in order to see things through their eyes.

We won mid-fight, and the reason is that Jon had everything exactly correct, there were NO MISTAKES. The opposing council was un-organized, silly, and just generally out of sorts (You do NOT WANT a poor attorney, they are out there). In the end, we just had way too much on our side, and they gave up! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life my ex is the most stubborn person in the world, and I almost fell over when she crumbled.

One last thing, Jon may act unemotional, but he does not take advantage, like EVERY other attorney of your plight will charge you to death, for every little call, etc. Don’t let his good fees betray his excellence. I think he understands that if you are afraid to call or e-mail with your concerns that the whole case will not work well.

Two thumbs up, and I HATE attorneys!

Signed, Anonymous


Thank you for all your help with legal counsel through my recent divorce. While it was a difficult time, it helped to know that I was receiving advise in my best interest. It isn’t easy to think about the future when experiencing a present you didn’t anticipate. The counsel I received from you was sound, fit the level of aggression I wanted to use in my divorce and I appreciated the options you put on the table should I wish to pursue them.

I also wanted to thank you for making yourself so available to questions and concerns I had throughout and following the divorce. Having you produce the paperwork in order for the court filing was a huge relief, knowing that I would not have to keep going back to correct mistakes it would have been easy to make, had I put together and filed the paperwork on my own. It was great to have one less stress to worry about.

Thank you! You made all the difference in making a messy process run smoothly.


Karen Rourke (Seattle, WA)


I have worked with you for going on seven years now, and I appreciate your help with my case over the past several years.

You have represented me on several occasions over that time, and I have always had the best experience with your services. Your knowledge and professionalism were outstanding. I could always count on you to keep me informed in terms which I could understand, and to listen to my concerns as well.

I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of a good and experienced attorney. As a matter of fact, I have recommended you on several occasions to family member and friend, and I will continue to do so.

Karen Emerson (Renton)


I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent services you have provided me with over the past few months. Thanks to our help I was able to find my way out of the complex legal jungle. I could not have done it without your outstanding expertise! Your solid experience and efficiency made me feel confident facing the authorities on all the levels, and your great sense of humor and wit made the whole unpleasant ordeal a bearable one.

Thanks again, Jon!

Mark Graf (Seattle)


I appreciate your help with my case.

From the start, I was surprised at the excellent communication you continually provided, and the added benefit of being able to email you with my seemingly, never-ending, questions and pestering. You never failed to give me a (surprisingly) fast response, and as I mentioned, you apparently work extremely long days.

Consequently, with your apparent, diligent, work ethic, you executed and won my case faster than I expected, and all the while keeping my doubts and fears at bay by keeping in touch. “Above and beyond” my expectations, and what my experience with other attorneys taught me to expect.

On top of all that…………to get my money BACK, certainly indicates integrity that’s so uncommon and unexpected in these times.

I would recommend you without reservations, and should I ever need legal advice in the future (regardless of the nature). I’ll certainly seek your help.

A sincere thanks for your help.

Truly, Roger Jensen (Renton, WA)



Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. You always have been very responsive and extremely helpful. I also appreciate your candidness, calling things as they are and removing the emotions from the equation. This is a check for all the briefs calls and emails you’ve responded to. You hadn’t mentioned you moved but hope you like your new office. I hope as well all is well with the family. Thanks again for your commitment to your clients and trust worthiness.

Best regards,
Serge (Bellevue WA)


I’m sending you this brief note to thank you for the expedient and professional manner in which you handled my divorce case.

I could not have chosen a better attorney to handle my case. Should the opportunity present itself, I will not hesitate to recommend you to someone in need.

Thanks again!


Jon Rabine (Bothell,WA)