Practice areas (family law areas) are those most-asked-about areas and problems in divorce and family law. These include analyses of parenting plans (50/50 and conventional); maintenance and alimony; division of assets, including pensions and 401Ks; how QDROs work; child support and spousal support; colleg support; Fotosearch_42-17178659domestic violence and how it affects your case; and other major divorce topics.

These articles, which are the practice areas most people ask about, discuss both the current state of the law in Washington State, and the reality of what usually happens in court.  It is very important to realize that in every divorce, there are legal rules and statutes; there are the facts; and there is the legal culture in your county. What happens in your divorce depends on all three factors. Divorce judges – whose mission is to do what is “fair” – will follow the law in deciding what is fair; but that covers a very, very wide range of possible outcomes.

There are a number of useful files in these articles: from sample divorce pleadings; to parenting plans; child support orders; deeds; decrees of divorce, and even sample trial briefs.  They are good examples of what competent divorce pleadings should look like. Yours will probably be very different; but these are good examples. While the articles are a good, though short, overview of the state of the law in Washington State, every divorce is different. You cannot rely totally on an article to analyze your case and your issues. Your best option is to pick up the phone and call.