Divorce – Custody

Divorce – Custody

Watch this short video featuring my client in Snohomish County. It is a divorce case where my client (Dad) got the children.

Where Are The Children Going to Live?

How much time the children spend with Mom, and how much with Dad, is many times the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision in a divorce. Parenting is a zero sum game: every day little Joey spends with Dad, is a day he does not spend with Mom. The parenting plan – and the number of overnights – drives child support and, to some extent, maintenance. It drives who gets the house, frequently. It drives whether or not the mother (almost always the mother) gets to move the children, if she wants to move, now or five years down the road. It is a complex and profound decision, and there is no formula.

It used to be simple. When I started in 1995, most of the time, the children lived with Mom, and saw Dad every other weekend. That has changed over time: nowadays, I am seeing more and more true 50/50 parenting plans, both in court fights, and in agreed divorces. The culture is changing. More and more fathers are involved with their children; more and more mother work; more and more fathers expect that they will be an equal part of their children’s lives. If this is a concern for you, either good or bad, call me. How it impacts your divorce depends on the facts in your case.


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