Asset and Spousal Support Fight

Asset and Spousal Support Fight

Are you struggling with a spousal support fight? Click here to hear about my client’s experience. This is a case I took on just before it headed to trial. The husband wanted to pay minimal maintenance and only half of the estate; a spousal support fight. We took it to trial and won 65% of the estate, as well as maintenance to my client for several years. Click here to learn more about me, Jon Hansen, and what I can do for you.

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Maintenance in Washington: Are you getting spousal support? Are you fighting it? Are you entitled to it? How can you tell?

What is maintenance?  Maintenance is where the court orders one spouse (usually, though not always, the husband) to pay part of their income to the other spouse. This used to be called “alimony“. How much one spouse pays, and how long they pay it, is the key question. That varies from case to case, and judge to judge, but there are several general factors in whether you may pay it. (Or get it!)

There are several different reasons for maintenance: compensatory, rehabilitative, etc. In my experience, it doesn’t matter a lot what you call it, or how you analyze it, because there are only two rules that really count: maintenance is based on need and ability to pay; and the court has to do fairness to both sides.

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