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Property Division

Property Division

Property Division In A Divorce. One of the biggest issues in any divorce is how the court divides assets and debts. There are several main factors: First, the court’s mission is to do what is fair to both sides. That means it has to balance several factors: how long the marriage lasted; how much community assets there […]

Committed Intimate Relationships

Committed Intimate Relationships

What is a committed intimate relationship? There is no common law marriage in Washington State. That was abolished years ago.  However, the courts do recognize that when people live together, they may accumulate property together, and that can be divided.  This used to be called a “meretricious” relationship; now the courts call it a “committed […]

Maintenance in Washington

Maintenance In Washington: Spousal Support

Maintenance in Washington: Are you getting spousal support? Are you fighting it? Are you entitled to it? How can you tell? What is maintenance?  Maintenance is where the court orders one spouse (usually, though not always, the husband) to pay part of their income to the other spouse. This used to be called “alimony“. How […]

Long Term Marriages

Long Term Spousal Support

Long Term Spousal Support: How Does Maintenance Happen?  If you are have been married over 25 years, and you are getting divorced,  you really need to learn how the courts handle divorces in long term marriages. In the last couple of years, I have tried a number of divorces with marriages over 25 years, and I have a fair amount of […]

Child Support Answers

Washington State Divorce

It is easy to get into a marriage; but getting a divorce can be another thing entirely.  A Washington State divorce may be simple – or it can be expensive and painful and frustrating.  If you are thinking about a divorce, or in a divorce, or planning a divorce, or your friend is having a divorce, ask […]

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