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Divorce in the Age of COVID-19

Snohomish County Divorces – COVID-19 Update

SNOHOMISH COUNTY COVID-19 UPDATE Just like in King County, divorces in Snohomish County have gotten more difficult. Snohomish County has not moved to electronic filing, and so initial document still need to be dropped off at the courthouse in person, or mailed in, along with a check. I normally file them through ABC, which works […]

King County Divorce – COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 UPDATE Divorces in King County have gotten considerably more difficult with the state and county lockdowns because of the pandemic. The Superior Court website, with a series of Emergency Orders, is here. The Court’s Family Law Operations Fact Sheet is here.  Parenting Plans Are Enforceable. Transporting children for a Parenting Plan transfer is a […]

How to Value Stock Options and Awards

How To Calculate Stock Options And Awards              Many clients especially in the Seattle, and Bellevue area, have forms of stock options. These may include stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) (which Amazon uses), stock awards, and ESPP’s. Valuing these in a divorce is a little bit tricky. There are several different parts of an […]

Post Secondary Support in Washington

Post Secondary Support in Washington – College Costs Money – Who Pays? At some point, your children will turn 18 and graduate from high school. And they want to go to college. That’s good news and bad news – because the courts can order the parents to contribute to post-secondary support. How much? Keep reading… When Do You Have To […]

Dividing Retirement Plans: COVID-19 Update

The pandemic has a major effect on your retirement plans (401K’s, IRA’s etc.). BESIDES tanking their value.  It has made it possible to withdraw up to $100,000, WITHOUT paying a 10% income tax penalty, if you have to take it out because of COIVID.  And you have up to 3 years to pay it back. […]

Child Support Answers

Washington State Divorce

It is easy to get into a marriage; but getting a divorce can be another thing entirely.  A Washington State divorce may be simple – or it can be expensive and painful and frustrating.  If you are thinking about a divorce, or in a divorce, or planning a divorce, or your friend is having a divorce, ask […]