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It is easy to get into a marriage; it can be very hard to get out. Divorces are some of the most complex and painful problems a person can have. A divorce strikes the very heart of who you are.

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In Washington State, even though this is a no-fault state, divorces can be financially and psychologically draining. Getting it right the first time is vital. For example, if you do not get a parenting plan right in the divorce, you will not get a second chance to change the parenting plan, once the divorce is over. If you agree to a given level of spousal support or child support, it is very hard to go back and change it afterwards. If you end up with a  restraining order, it is very hard afterwards to try to get it dismissed. Retaining an attorney who has the experience, is worth the cost.

If you are facing a divorce, or thinking about a divorce, or smack in the middle of one, it is critical to talk to someone who knows what they are doing. I have been handling divorces for over fifteen years, in both King and Snohomish Counties.  I am primarily a litigator: I spend a great deal of time in court, fighting for my clients, on either the motions calendar or in trial. That has given me a great deal of experience in knowing what a court is likely to do with a given set of facts – and that helps you make better decisions. A bad decision, or retaining the wrong attorney, can do serious damage to your case and your future.

A custody trial can take many days – average is 4-7 days. That’s because these trials require lots of witnesses to testify, not just looking at bank statements, etc.  And that means the cost of these trials tends to be much higher.

Every case is different, and costs vary widely.  But I have a pretty good idea, when you call me in the beginning, what the overall costs will be all the way through. You can control, to some degree, how much you want to fight.  But you have little control over how much your spouse wants to fight. It is important to fight smart: money is always tight in divorces, and I always discuss where you need to spend money – and where you are better off not spending money. I will always tell you if you are wasting your money on fights that are not productive.

The bottom line is this: when you are facing a problem that will affect the rest of your life – for good or for bad – it is important to have someone on your side with experience, skill, and knowledge.  Call me.