Agreed Divorce for <$1000

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If you and your spouse know what you want to do in your divorce, but you want to make sure the papers are done correctly,and filed properly, and the divorce goes smoothly and is over in 91 days, this is the choice for you. It all costs between $900 and $1,000, including all filing fees.  And you don’t ever have to go to court (except for one time in Snohomish County.)

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I do a lot of divorces. I handle between 50-60 divorces a year. I spend a lot of time in court on the motions calendar, in both King and Snohomish County. That gives me a lot of experience in what a trial court might do, if you did go to trial. But if you can agree on terms with each other, there is an inexpensive way to get the divorce done easily, smoothly, and as quickly as possible.

What you get: you get all the advice you need, from an experienced family law attorney. You can be sure the orders get done correctly. You can be sure the agreement between the two of you (including the parenting plan and child support order) is an enforceable as it is possible to be. You save the time and hassle of attending the Family Law Orientation Seminar (in King County); and the divorce gets finalized without you having to go to court.
About half the time there are things you have not thought of; but I do.  If there is a question about how to solve a problem, I know how most people handle the problems and how to avoid them. This saves you problems down the road, sometimes years down the road. It is always better to do the divorce right the first time.

Why Is This Better Than Doing It Yourself?  It’s better for several reasons:

  • You know the divorce is done correctly and completely.
  • The final orders are legible, clear, and enforceable.
  • In King County; you never have to go to court; in Snohomish County, you have to go one time, but I take you through it. (And with no risk of it not working.)
  • There is little risk that the Judge or Commissioner will not sign the orders at the end.
  • In about 50% of the cases I see, there are problems I spot (from experience) that you will not think of.
  • My experience helps you make better decisions on the terms of the divorce.
  • If you do it yourself, there is a good chance it either goes sideways; or you do it wrong- and the divorce won’t be final at the 91 day point.

Here’s the way it works. Call me. I get all the information I need about the division of assets, the liabilities, spousal support, parenting plans, and any other issues you may have.
I draft all of the pleadings, including:

  • State Certificate of Dissolution
  • Confidential Information Form (CIF)
  • Summons
  • Petition
  • Joinder
  • Acceptance of Service
  • Parenting Plan
  • Child Support Order and Worksheets
  • Findings of Fact
  • Decree of Dissolution
  • Quit Claim Deed and Excise Tax Affidavit
  • QDRO (to divide 401K’s and Pensions)

Just as an example: I have attached a set of divorce pleadings, from a sample case, here, to show what they look like when I prepare them.  (This is NOT an actual case.)

Some of the State Forms are here. You decide which ones you would rather use.

I get them to you as a pdf file. You go over them with your spouse, and call or email me with changes. I make the changes and do a final packet of forms. You pick them up or I mail them out to you. Both you and your spouse sign everything. (One of the keys to a clean, successful divorce that is done in 91 days is to sign everything before you file it.) Then you get all of the signed forms back to me. I e-file it, and get a case number. Then all you have to do is wait 90 days.

How Much Does It Cost? The cost is simple: $595.00 for my time; plus $292.49 for the filing fee. I pay that to the court. There are other fees, sometimes: $83 or so to record a quit claim deed; sometimes the pension administrator charges to process a QDRO. But other than those fees (that I collect from you, because I write the check), that’s it!

FAQ: Uncontested Divorces
1. How Long Does It Take?  If you call me, and you and your spouse have an agreement, I can have the draft orders to you in a day or two. I do get payment up front, though, and I do not take payments. From then, it depends on how soon you can get them approved and signed. I get some divorces signed and back the next day; some can drag on.  I have one case that took almost two years until the other side signed the orders. The average length of time is 1-2 weeks. Once I get the papers back, signed, I e-file it with the court. That gives us a case number and starts the 90 day clock ticking.  About the 91st day, I will send the final orders in to be signed by the court, and that is when the divorce is final.  So – assuming you get the orders signed quickly – it can be quick.

2. How much does it cost?  My time is $495.00.  I also charge you the $292,49 for the filing fee, because I pay it to the court. If we are recording a deed, then there is no charge for drafting the deed; but I do have to charge the $83.00 per deed recording fee that the County gets. I do not charge for making changes to the draft orders, and I don’t charge for sending the orders in to be signed.  I normally do not charge for drafting QDRO’s as part of the package, though I do for Federal QDROs, because those have to be outsourced.

3. Do You Charge To Make Changes? No; as long as they are part of the drafts. Once the divorce is fial, I do charge to do amended orders.

4. What Do I Have To Do During The Divorce? In King County, your spouse will have to attend the Family Law Orientation Seminar (FLOS).  If there are children, then you both have to attend a court-required parenting class. (In both King and Snohomish County.)  But that’s it. You will not have to go to court with me in King County; you do in Snohomish County, but only one time at the end of the case.

5. Can I File It In Lincoln County? No. I don’t work in Lincoln County. It is just as easy to do it in King or Snohomish County; and if you ever have to enforce the Decree, or Parenting Plan, or Child Support Order, you will need to transfer the case back to King or Snohomish County.  In the long term it is cheaper to do it in the county you live in.
6. My Spouse Lives Out of State. Can We Still Do This?  Yes; but they will have to agree to jurisdiction in Washington.

7. What Happens If My Spouse Won’t Sign Papers?  About 10-20% of the time, cases that start out as uncontested divorces go sideways. Either someone gets angry about something; your spouse changes their mind; he or she says they will sign but then refuse to cooperate; etc.  We need to talk about why and how that happens. At some point you will get tired of talking and waiting, and tell me to simply file and serve the divorce.  I have to start billing you at my regular hourly rate at that point; and the $595 is a sunk cost.

8.  If We Change Our Minds, Can I Get A Refund? If you change your mind and reconcile before the divorce is filed, the $595 is a sunk cost. That is non-refundable. The filing fee is refundable. Once the case is filed, the filing fee is not refundable, because it has been paid.