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Divorce – Custody

Watch this short video featuring my client in Snohomish County. It is a divorce case where my client (Dad) got the children. Where Are The Children Going to Live? How much time the children spend with Mom, and how much with Dad, is many times the most difficult and heart-wrenching decision in a divorce. Parenting is a zero sum […]

Asset and Spousal Support Fight

Are you struggling with a spousal support fight? Click here to hear about my client’s experience. This is a case I took on just before it headed to trial. The husband wanted to pay minimal maintenance and only half of the estate; a spousal support fight. We took it to trial and won 65% of the estate, […]

Sweaney: Custody Fight

Video Testimonial about Parentage / Custody Fight Victory Here’s a case where there was a custody fight. The parents had previously split custody 50/50. The mother claimed the father, who was my client, was abusive and drunk. We beat that and got the parenting plan back to 50/50 custody. Where Are The Children Going to Live? […]