About the Attorney

Craig Jonathan Hansen is an attorney in Bellevue, Washington, with twenty years of experience in family law.  He serves clients in King and Snohomish Counties, and focuses primarily on divorce and family law.  He has tried cases in both counties, from motions ...
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It is easy to get into a marriage; it can be hard - and expensive! - to get out. A divorce may be simple, and straightforward; or it can be expensive and painful and frustrating.  If you are thinking about a ...
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Agreed flat fee divorces

Agreed Divorces Under $995

If you want to get divorced for under $1,000; and you both have a good idea how you want to divide things; and you want to make sure the divorce is done properly, goes smoothly, and – important! – is ...
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Long Term Marriages

What Is A Long Term Marriage, And How Does It Affect Maintenance?  If you are in a marriage over 25 years long, you really care about the way courts handle divorces in long term marriages. In the last couple of ...
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Maintenance: The Question of Spousal Support

Are you getting maintenance? Are you fighting it? Are you entitled to it? How can you tell? What is maintenance?  Maintenance is where the court orders one spouse (usually, though not always, the husband) to pay part of their income ...
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Relocation: When Someone Wants To Move The Kids

When Someone Wants To Relocate The Kids...What Then? In Washington State, relocation of children is controlled by RCW 26.09.405. The primary residential (custodial) parent has a presumptive right to move with the children.  The non-custodial parent can object to the move, ...
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